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Mobility Service Dog Tasks

Updated: Mar 2

As a disabled person, you might be limited mobility-wise; However, a service dog can perform various tasks to assist you in your daily life.

Disabled person holding their service dog in wheelchair

Open / Closing Tasks

  • Answer door

  • Open / Closing the door ( using the handicap button)

  • Open doors (pushing open with nose or paws)

  • Open/close cabinet/drawer

  • Open sliding door

  • Open/close the dishwasher

Retrieving Tasks

  • Retrieve clothing items

  • Retrieve dog bowls

  • Retrieve dropped items

  • Retrieve vest/harness/leash/gear

  • Retrieve items from a store shelf

  • Retrieve items when pointed to

  • Retrieve mobility aid (wheelchair, cane, walker, etc.)

  • Retrieve named items

Holding / Moving Tasks

  • Carry Bags

  • Carry items up or downstairs

  • Drag heavy items to a specific location

  • Exchange items between cashier and handler

  • Deliver items to a person

Assistance Tasks
  • Assist with position changes (sitting to standing, laying to sitting, etc.)

  • Help sit up if slumped over

  • Roll handler his/her side (by nudging, pulling clothing)

  • Counter-balance

  • Forward momentum (in a wheelchair)

  • Forward momentum (when walking)

  • Provide momentum up inclines (such as stairs or hills)

  • Bracing

  • Help handler in/out of bathtub or shower

Daily Routine Assistance
  • Help handler in/out of bathtub or shower

  • Pull blankets off/on

  • Pull blinds/curtains closed/open

  • Help put clothing on

  • Help remove clothing

  • Clean up items on the floor (put in basket)

  • Clean up and throw away trash (put in the wastebasket)

  • Unload grocery items

  • Unload items from the washer or dryer

  • Assist with making the bed

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