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A movement dedicated to giving disabled people the information and resources they need to safely obtain , owner train and work with their service dog. 




months is how long the average service dog needs to complete training.


of the service dogs in the US work with handlers who are autistic


years is the average wait time for receiving a service dog from an organization,


dogs within the united states are currently working as service dogs as of 2023

> 50%

of prospects fail service dog training. However many go on to be therapy dogs or ESA's


years. That is how long the average service dog will work before retirement.


You have questions,
and we have the answers.

Have more questions about service dogs? Don't have the time to read full articles? Well look no further than our FAQ page. Here we will directly answer all of the most common questions people have about assistance animals. And for your convenience, we have separated the information into categories that you can easily locate. Our FAQ section covers all of the financial, legal, training, and general questions you may have. Check it out here!

Border collie dog with white and golden fur that is wearing a blue vest that reads "assistance dog".
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